"Toughest Town On The Tracks"


Sidney was the meanest, toughest, roughest town on the tracks! Its history is kept alive and well every second weekend in June during Gold Rush Days!

In 1874, gold was discovered in the Black Hills. The Sidney-Deadwood Trail started in 1875 and was thought to be the shortest route to get to those gold fields. It also linked Sidney with military outposts and Indian agencies. Sidney became a trailhead for cattle due to the railroad in 1867 shipping cattle both East and West.

This activity attracted some not-so-welcome characters. Every day there were gunfights and fistfights. Sidney had a front street lined with saloons, gaming halls, boarding houses, and the world’s first all-night theatre.

So stop in Sidney, where you’ll enjoy what Gold Rush Days has to offer. You’ll want to return every year.

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